Expert Road Maintenance and Paving

Customized services with top-notch results

Egnatia Paving is one of the leading paving companies in Toronto, offering a range of services that include road maintenance, concrete services, milling, excavation, grading, snow removal, streetscaping, and asphalt paving. Our highly skilled and certified paving professionals are adept at planning and handling all work details to ensure client satisfaction and timely completion of projects. Let one of our experienced on-site paving estimators provide you with a free no-obligation quote and preventative maintenance recommendations.

Most home paving projects, such as patios and driveways, can be completed the same day (depending on the area to be surfaced), with the pavement available for use the next day. For commercial road paving, we often pave one lane in the morning and then redirect traffic to the new pavement in the afternoon while we work on the other lane. This results in faster completion of projects and minimal inconvenience to drivers. With expert planning, modern facilities, an experienced workforce and certified technical support, Egnatia Paving performs to the highest industry standards.

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